Saturday, December 5, 2009

New Socks and Cupcakes!

I am the lucky new warm-footed owner of these cool socks. They were hand knit for me by my Snady's mom. She is a dear. I have one other pair from her (that I love dearly) but these are long--so they can be "up" or "slouchy."  I wore them both ways today. :)

It was another quiet day around here--but today was sunny and bright outside. As in one of those to die for barely winter Washington days. I was urprised by a delivery in the early afternoon. Who should be ringing our doorbell? It was our over-the-back-fence neighbors.  Ella, who turned 5 brought us four princess pink decorated cupcakes! Jack brought us the gift bags we ordered from the school fundraiser. Ella danced around on the front porch and told me that Snow White came to her party! WOW!

Sometimes people are so thoughtful and kind. I must say this was just a little light that will shine bright on my funny things remembered.


kim said...

Way fun socks?

sandy said...

She'll be so happy you like them ~ as much, I'm sure, as Cheryl loves her shawl. You sweetie.

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