Friday, December 4, 2009

Hot Bagels

Do you have a favorite place? This is one of mine. Bagel Oasis on 65th in Seattle. An everything bagel with scallion cream cheese...and then take home some fresh out of the oven sesame seed bagels...oh, yeah eat one on the way to wherever...nothing on it and it melts in your mouth--it is dessert.

Bagel Oasis is a soul place with its 6 or so booths, a long wooden table with well worn wooden chairs, a small lower round table next to a bookcase of kids books and get the feel? Oh, and good hot coffee for these days that are quickly slipping into winter. The walls are always colorful--full of kids art, mounted and framed and usually with a name and maybe a photo.

Ah well, that was yesterday. Last night and today have been ruled by pain and quiet hope for a better tomorrow. Sleep well tonight my sweet baboo.


Anonymous said...

Better late than never................

kim said...

Love the Black and White photos. How do you get all of them into a group to look like one photo?

You inspire me to go to my Fav coffee shop St Marks and take some B&W there.

I can taste the bagel way over here. Thanks

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