Friday, November 6, 2009

Mediation Garden at the Botanical Garden

Took a fast two day trip to Vancouver B.C. recently. Especially seemed fast since we totally forgot that we had even planned to take this little jaunt away.
The forecast was nothing but rain and grey skies, and I packed too quickly and believed I'd spend more time inside peering out at the city reading and writing. As it turned out, I was exhausted and slept way more than I expected. The one full day we had there was actually not totally wet and we did get out an walk around. I managed a nap between outings. The only real writing I did was to copy my addresses from the back of my last journal to the back of my new journal. I held my journal, I held my pen. And, as it turns out, I held my words.
These pictures are from the meditation garden inside the Fall Color Walk at the VanDusen Botanical Gardens. It was a wonderful place of solitude. It held a healing silence. If I lived in the area I would visit often.

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Sophia said...

It's OK that you didn't write. Sometimes, keeping it in a bit longer helps us digest things better. It will come out when it's time.

Have a good weekend!

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