Wednesday, October 21, 2009

where ARE we?

I had a rather surreal moment yesterday when I stopped in at my bank.
I stopped in at my bank of many, many, many years.
I stopped in at my bank, in person, to do something quite simple.
I stopped in at my bank in person, my bank of many years to arrange for a new ATM card for my daughter.
I was told, at my bank of many many years, that I needed to call their Customer Service line--on a phone--so they could verify who I was and then--and then, they could help me with my very simple request.
I blinked. I smiled. I asked the very nice real person in front of me why someone could not verify who I was, in person?
She smiled and said the people on the Customer Service line--and I was welcome to use their phone--would look up my account on their computer and ask me a few questions.
I blinked. I smiled. I looked around and counted more than a few computers.
I asked again, why that couldn't be done, in person, in the bank here.
It went on from didn't get any better than you are likely imagining in your own mind.
I now know that something is terribly wrong in the world of banking...if they can't verify who someone is when they are standing right infront of them.


Sophia said...

I could not believe this when I read this. Good grief. I wonder how many customers they have lost or will lose because of this. It's crazy. They obviously know who you are from banking there so long. Good grief. So sorry for your hassles. =/

sandy said...

I believe it. After Allen's month long go around with the DMV about his identity, I can believe just about anything.

When I first started working at the bank as a teller (1976), I cashed a four dollar check for someone I knew personally. I didn't ask for ID because I KNEW her. That didn't keep me from being chastised by another bank employee because my knowing who someone was didn't prove anything.

Good grief is right.

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