Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Market at Granville Island

Ahhh...wonderful fruits, vegetables, spices, foods, artists, and great signs. I love wandering the market at Granville Island. My favorite story this visit is meeting meeting a man who sold his wife's original designs silk scarves. They were unspeakably beautiful and he was so proud of her. I didn't meet her--she was working in the studio, but he showed off all the marvelous things she made with such love - it was touching.


Sophia said...


Those are some fantastic photo shots. Did you do those?! And what a sweet story. Thank you for sharing.

Happy (almost gone) Saturday! :)

kj said...

Yes, I took them. The lighting is a little strange and irregular throughout the Public Market. I can look at them and smell all the fruit, bread and coffee...mmm.

Thanks Sophia!

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