Monday, June 29, 2009

visiting the 'new' in the same old place

I rode the train! What fun--it had been a few years. I rode the train down south a ways and stayed with an old friend, and made a new friend. Lots of good talk, great food, good walks and a day of pondering, writing, reading, listening, knitting....thanks Snady & Allen!

One interesting 'new thing' was the small Japanese garden on a little island. It had been started when I lived in the area many years ago, but closed soon after it opened because of vandalism. Now it is open and even more expansive I think. Whoever has worked on it has done a wonderful job. It reminded me of my mother who spent time in Japan and brought home an eye for their style of gardens and made use of it in the many gardens she created over the years.

Home now after a day of work--and looking forward to a relaxed evening with the promise of pasta salad made by my sister-in-law and fresh corn on the cob procured by my sweet baboo earlier today at Carpinito Brothers yummy!

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Amelia said...

I have yet to ride a real train, not sure why. I think a part of me is scared, but make it sound incredibly exciting! =) Hmm, wonder where there is train around here where I live. =)

Lovely blog!

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