Monday, June 15, 2009

lavender buds and poppies start to bloom

Along side our garage we have a bed of California Poppies that are all starting to bloom....these little lavender buds are from the front bed and they greet me coming and going from the front door. This is my favorite time--when there are small seas of orange and the purple is not far behind.
My current favorite afternoon pick-me-up is a homemade iced latte using Starbucks Via (yes, the instant) because I can walk in the house and drop all my stuff, mix an iced latte and wander out to poppies, the prayer garden, the patio or the couch in the living room and read or write for a few minutes before the whole dinner-evening-and-it-is suddenly-bedtime hits all in a rush.
Is it just me or does the change in weather patterns affect others too? As we swing to the warm weather-too hot--suddenly much cooler I get so tired--- Am I getting so old that even the barometer is affecting me? Gads.

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