Saturday, July 4, 2009

a new moment

There is a welcome fresh feel to the garden in the morning after such a hot day yesterday. A fresh feeling of gratitude to be able to sit and write and listen in the garden this morning after waking so early with a migraine and are just not suppose to start a national holiday with that kind of pain...especially such a noisy holiday!
"There is a calmness to a life lived
in Gratitude, a quiet joy."
-Ralph H. Blum
This is a difficult time of year for me. Still filled with grief that parts my emotions suddenly and pushes its way in--unwanted. There is nothing to it but to recognize and welcome it, ask it what it wants and listen. Then it will be and being heard it will leave...for now.


Amelia said...

I do not know what grief lies before you this time of year, but my heart goes out to you. Sending you warm thoughts and care from afar.

kim said...

Know my friend that you never sit alone. K.

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