Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ug for more Mini sadness

Alas, my friends as returned to using my Mini after its "repair" --in two days it was back to its old I am back on the email exchange with my guy at Dell to "work it out." That being said, all the energy it takes to copy files, make adjustments etc. is unbelievable to me. It can't be what is most important in life--but it sure interrupts your life when things aren't working right. So that is my little sb story.

Beyond that the garden is dripping wet and the grass grows an inch a minute. My reclining Buddha is ensconsed with little white flowers...The lilac trees is huge with purple blooms and the bleeding hearts are huges with little pink and white hearts. The wisteria is suddenly blooming over the gate and the white dogwood is floating white in the gray sky. I look. I study it. But, there is no getting out there on a day so wet as this. Tomorrow.

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sandy said...

Oh, I detest the computer step by step, over and over instructions via phone or email. I empathize with the mini sob story! We don't have sun today, but at least no rain. Yesterday was unbelievably WET. I thought about going out on the covered patio, but even there it was wet as the wind was blowing right towards the house. Patience, and this weekend will bring sunshine and time to play outdoors!

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