Saturday, May 2, 2009

I took a walk today...

I heard of a 'new' labyrinth in town--well, new to me. I've been to St. James Episcopal (in Kent) several times...and it is new since then. It was overcast, muggy, and eventually the sky gave way to rain--but thankfully not until the end of my walk. It is a five circuit labyrinth edged with brick. It is just off the street but not a high speed street and I was there in late afternoon on a Saturday so the traffic was not distracting.


LizA. said...

Well how cool is that. Good thing you didn't get caught in the downpour like we did!

kim said...

Thank you for this. What a peaceful place. I hope to walk it with you some day. Thanks for your toes paused at the entrance. It makes me smile. kim

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