Friday, May 15, 2009


I've been watching out the window as the reclining Buddha has come to be blanketed in tiny white flowers - whose name I cannot recall at this early point of spring... I had to lay down on the patio to take this picture--and the patio was none to thoroughly dry...and the dog was more than slightly interested, and now my ear is more than wet in direct relation to Edward's interest. Today is what I have been waiting for...sun. Can it stay?
We have been wound and wound by the wind and rain this week. The lilac outside my office is worse for the wear. Weary is the word that comes to mind when I look on it. But here at home the lilac is so heavy from rain and equally tossed by the wind. I have gained a wonderful view from the table down stairs that I use for my computer work as it frames the bleeding hearts and lilac. The bleeding heart under the window glistens and shimmers with the rain drops that seem to live on its foliage.


LizA. said...

Then name you seek is Sweet Woodruff.

kj said...

That's it! Thanks. :)

kim said...

Love the reclining Buddha. It motivates me to Be Still or nap or both:)

sandy said...

Kim has it right - the reclining Buddha is a wonderful reminder to ~ I say Both!

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