Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I am almost tired of multiple layers

  • My mind is a bit of a jumble...some good-some chaos-some lost things trying to return?
  • It is still cold and windy here in Washington
  • I am so thankful for my crock pot full simmering with chicken soupy-stew
  • A friend dropped off home made bread to go with our quiet evening
  • Almost every part of me aches...partly the weather and partly the last few days
  • My garden has hopes it will be Spring soon....soonish?
  • The lilac tree is heavy with buds and bulbs are up and blooming despite the cold--it's what they do--I just don't know why
  • Sad to see my beautiful blue pot with a 3 year-old hardy fuchsia is a swimming pool
  • I finished a mystery last night and I get to start a new book tonight! Love it!
  • I think my sleep was actually disturbed by the movie we watched last night...The Changeling...very well cast, very well done--very disturbing.

Okay dear blog, sorry I've been scattered lately. I am sure soon things will regain some normalcy around here and I will be more regular and have more energy for being thoughtful. But I know I am not alone in the feeling of depletion these last days...the dragging feeling, the feeling of too much-ness is hanging on many. There are some bright spots here and there. Thankfully.


sandy said...

I can identify with your note of a general feeling of depletion and too-much-ness lately. I've felt it and noticed it in others.

As for the Changeling...I thought the whole thing was well written and acted, but when the boy started talking to the detective I could barely stand the despair that seemed to come from his very soul. It didn't seem like acting (that's the point, I guess) and I couldn't stop crying for wanting to just pick him up and hold him. I don't know if there is a right time for me to watch that, but this certainly wasn't it. The despair, regret and pain hung about me for days after.

kj said...

Exactly...the whole thing was very good--but dark--and the ending...very unsettling...not wrong for the movie--just left you even more...ug.

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