Saturday, March 28, 2009

Things I have found in books...

My mind was wandering this morning--over the first few cups of coffee and for some reason I got started thinking of things I have found in books--books I have either inherited or used books that I have bought. Here are some of things that came to mind:

  • a picture of someone I didn't know
  • a pressed flower
  • an old boarding pass stub
  • a business card-not a person's, but a business
  • an index card with scribbling or a quote
  • a luggage pick up tag

How about you? What have you found or left in a book?


sandy said...

Two things that immediately come to mind are a photo of my sister and me sitting on Santa's lap ca. 1964, found in an old encyclopedia, and a 10 dollar confederate note in my maternal grandmother's bible.

kj said...

Cool! And surprising fun. Smile!

Mary Wuest said...

This one book I picked up at a used bookstore in Sequim when we went there for a family reunion had an awesome poem about Boredom in it. I wrote it down and have it in my book of artsy stuff now.

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