Monday, March 23, 2009

doors and more doors

Long ago I used to stop all the long the way from here to there to take pictures of barns...for the last several years it has been doors and windows that have intrigued me most. This door is in Bisbee, AZ that I just could not pass up. Of course, it didn't hurt to learn later that the town has actual put out a whole poster's worth of great doors in Bisbee.
So, doors (and to a slightly lesser extent, windows) are my current architectural obsession. Some doors, like this one, make me wonder who I would be and what I would be about--if this were my threshold at the start and finish of each day. They aren't exactly spellbinding to most people. Ah well, no matter, for me they make affordable treasure when wandering.

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sandy said...

"Affordable treasure" ~ Brava!

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