Thursday, March 19, 2009

in my mind--I'm still on vacation

Okay, I admit it--it was hard to come back from this trip. I miss the blue sky and warm air, the sun and the beauty of the desert. I wasn't ready to leave. We agreed that next time we would stay 10 days. I needed more time to watch and be and read...and of course with our winter being an ongoing entity, I was sorely wishing I could just stay and visit the winter instead! I must be getting old.
I do love adobe structures though I have never lived in one. This picture is from Holy Trinity Monastery--and it is the door into the Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe. A beautiful still chapel with wonderful light. My only disappointment was I was hoping to find a kneeler....and there was not one to be knelt upon--anywhere in my trip in fact! I did light a candle for a few friends and loved ones and later spent time outside wandering the cemetery. I have always felt drawn to cemeteries--especially older ones--and not in a morbid way...very sacred places and I have wandered them since I was quite young.

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