Monday, February 16, 2009

why is it?

  • why is it beautifully sunny on the days I have a headache? I mean this is the NW and we do not disparage our beautiful days.
  • why is it everyone is loving twitter...and yet so many of us are barely aware of it?
  • why is I crave cereal today?
  • why is it I have a collection of about 20 things I never knew I collected until I started to try downsize?

Okay, enough. I did learn something I went through here making some changes I noticed they have little reaction boxes you can have at the end of a post. Now mind you, I love comments and meeting people that way, but I decided to see if having these "reaction boxes" would breed a little more interaction with anyone? We'll see--or not!


morgen said...

why, indeed!

morgen said...

I am now laughing out loud at reading mom's words... "so be it, amen."

Morning reads and evening reads? Oblivious to the fact that such pleasures could coexist. Must look into this one.

Now I am going out of order. This comment belongs on the subsequent entry. Forvive me, I have taken liberties with snady's suggestion of wine and knitting this evening.

kj said...

So be it. Amen! Thanks for visiting!

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