Monday, February 16, 2009

a week off--oh,my

Okay, here is my mind this morning...(see pic) Is that different from normal you ask? Well, not always--though sometimes I am quite serene and peaceful.

I found this wonderful picture at a site that is a total goldmine if you like textures. Check out Smashing Magazine --I liked it so much I added it to my For Refreshment section along the right side of this blog. I plan to go there and peruse as my mind sees fit.

So yes, a week off. No real big plans. Just some time to write, clean a bit, see a movie, and play in the nook and online. Read, clear my head a bit and let down.


sandy said...

I love a week off at home with no agenda. I did enjoy our 'appointment' yesterday, though! :)

kj said...

Yeeeessss. It was wonderous.

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