Wednesday, February 18, 2009

my knitting, reading and writing notes

In the Knitting Realm
Well, last night I got back to and into the eyelet section of my Nirvana Shawl #2 and now need to dig out my second skein before continuing. I picked up my current hat, put it onto the four double ended needles and started the decreasing so that is nearing completion. I am still slugging away at a special scarf that was meant to be a Christmas present--except that I started it over once and now that I am nearly 1/2 done I am having the urge to start over again--something about it just isn't right.....

In the Reading Realm
I am nearly done with The Story of Edgar Sawtelle and it has been quite a ride. I will not spoil it for anyone who hasn't read and plans to, but...there is a lot to the book and in the story. I can't imagine what David Wroblewski will come up with after writing this as a first novel. I can't wait to finish tonight. (Even though it is huge, it is my bedtime read.)

My morning read is A Beach Walk by Joan Anderson and I happen to be near the end of it as well. It is filled with wonderful conversations with her mentor Joan Erickson (I hope this link to a video of her works!) Before reading this book I read two others of Joan Anderson's, but now I would have left her second book An Unfinished Marriage till after this book.
Ah well, I am reading other creative things like Life is a Verb and a few new magazines from Somerset : Journaling, Artful Blogging, Somerset Life, Where Women Create, Somerset Sew well, you get the idea...I am letting my mind wander and wiggle in the free room of the week.
In the Realm of Writing
My great accomplishment yesterday was to actually almost finish my Heart Prayers book on Blurb. Right up until I made one move and somehow added a page or lost a prayer...I have to go back and figure it out today...I had even finished previewing the book and fixing the font size irregularities!!! URG.

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kim said...

One should be at the beach with books like that:) But a good cup of hot tea and a cat will do.
What is blurp?

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