Friday, February 27, 2009


Ever just wake up to a day that seems filled with possibility in the midst of personally feeling aware of how tenuous life is? Well, that is today for me. Today is filled with unexpected sunshine and blue skies--yesterday we had snow and gray skies--and that makes even yard work seem possible! Well, no maybe not yet. But even so.
Yet this bike depicts better the reality of how I feel. It is a working bike all ready to be ridden--except for the fact that it has been removed from the path it once road and set atop this building with no way down... It has become a symbol of what it once was--or at least for the time being. There are lots of things in life that side track us, or worse. Instead of being able to do life we are sort of hung out to dry for a period. It is uncomfortable to say the least...whether it is happening to you, a loved one-family or friend. When something comes along and sits us down unexpectedly how do we cope?
What is your best healthy coping mechanism?

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