Sunday, February 22, 2009

from exit 109

What a day! A beautiful NW sunny day drive to Lacey/Olympia--the Olympics were out in all their glory, traffic was not bad (well, it was 11:00a in the morning....most people had already arrived somewhere.) My friend and I stole away from different directions and met to spend a day walking, talking, eating, laughing, wondering, encouraging, telling, listening, laughing.

We ate lunch at amid the lime green walls at Darby's (the amazing salad is from lunch). From there we visited the Tea Lady--who has way too much fun gathering teas, cups, tea pots from all over. From there to Whodunit Books --all mysteries and a woman who knows her stuff about authors and what she has and if it is available. Excellent place. Then just a smattering of wandering in and out of a few local shops before heading to one of the main reasons for meeting in Olympia--an enormously wondrous knitting haven (and much more) Canvas Works. After sufficiently (if this is possible) sating ourselves in yarns, patterns and was time to head back to the car and off to dinner. Dinner found us at The Falls Terrace with a wonderful staff and table by the window...salmon of wonder and as it grew dark the falls were lit by light. We found reason aplenty to talk all through dinner and all the way back to the my car.

A most excellent day was had by all. There is nothing like having a friend to yourself for the whole day. To catch up, to dream, to consider life and all its myriad of weirdness and to love you no matter what. Thank you dear friend.

(And a book was released into the wild somewhere in Olympia.) Check out BookCrossings if you've never heard of doing this!


sandy said...

What a GREAT day! The reading partner loved the books and thanks you for Disco and the prayer flags.

kim said...

What a great day. Wish I could have joined you.

kj said...

Oh, we would have loved that too!

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