Monday, March 2, 2009

what do books have to say

I was pondering with a friend recently...
and I pondered this:

If you put a stack of 'books to read' together
what would they have to say. I guess if they were all of one subject that might say we were limited in our scope, really hooked on a subject--or we were working on a thesis or something in that realm. But what if their subjects ranged far and wide--there is a wide variety of novels, and certainly perhaps an even wider margin for non-fiction to line up against. What does it actually tell you about the 'intended-reader-to-be'?

Being someone who wishes not to jump to conclusions--especially about myself...I decided to start taking piles of my 'to-read-books' and take pictures of them. I happen to have a fair number collected around the happens. So, this is my first selection. These books were all together in/on the same bookshelf.

More on this again later. Ponder your books and feel free to chime in.

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PerfectMomentProject said...

Fake or not, @notmayaangelou put me back in contact with the great poet.
Maya Angelou, I'm following YOU!

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