Friday, February 6, 2009

Good Hot Tea--Please!

It has been one of those weeks. I said this first on Tuesday, and then Wednesday--and yet it has just kept building. Where do you go when everything feels too much? I retreat to my breath prayer:

breathe in HOPE......

breathe out fear....

And a good hot cuppa is late afternoon or then tea is my thing. The warmth of the cup extends the gift of the prayer. It keeps me in place.

And I knit. Knitting also keeps me from jumping up too many stay in one place and see the relaxation through. Knitting takes me deeper into myself--just like the prayer. I can shed layer after layer of 'what if' or 'why' or 'what now.' I can listen to my heart--and that is important because it takes me out of a worry mode--worry does nothing for you.

"Doing something with you hands, rather than your
head, is often the best route to clarity." (Joan Erikson in A Walk on the Beach)

Here's to our world
Here's to all my dear friends
Here's to all our loved ones
Here's to the stranger in need

Have a cuppa good hot tea.

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sandy said...

I have been knitting in the evenings, thinking of finding the rhythm of the needles, of my breathing, and letting thoughts go. What's funny is that we have been having tea in the evenings also. It really is a good combo. I think of the good feeling of just holding my face over the steaming cup, breathing it in.

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