Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcome to Kent

We experienced so much fog up here on the hill, and even in the valley but at least it burns off there at some point in the day...but here on the hill it gives one the feeling that the only book or movie appropriate for the day is Sherlock Holmes. It is an eerie feeling to say the least. I drove innocently to the store yesterday (after returning from a trip to the clinic in Seattle where we saw some dabbled sunshine on a few buildings--but the air quality is tan) and I could hardly see my fuzzy alpaca friends in their little field. Stop lights melted out the fog up ahead of me---

I know I am feeling this fog bone deep because we are still without heat. But the second surge of workers are here today....

I am knitting on four projects--partly to stay warm and partly to help me hold the immediate needs in prayer. I have a friend having a biopsy today, this same friend carries a heavy grief on top of this unknown. On my hearth there is a candle for her. I am holding her in the steady light of HOPE burning bright!

Having finished the coffee off this morning it is now time for my second cup of tea and the next pile of papers to sort. Filing is tricky right now--the file cabinet is in the garage--where it is even COLDER...filing is going to wait a bit.

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