Sunday, January 25, 2009

one last week of January

As of Friday night at 6:03pm we had heat! The only one in the family unhappy with this is--yes you guessed it, the cat who had to give up living with the standing heater, come out of the bedroom and resume living in the rest of the house. I can tell you for myself it was hard to leave the next morning knowing I would be gone all day...I just wanted to enjoy the house coming to life again...and curl up one the couch in the living room and read a book. Alas, I had an event to go to.

I can see from right here at my desk that the lilac tree has amazing buds showing already. I can also see that little flakes of snow are skirting here and there through the air. It is brittle cold out, but already buds are showing and bulbs are sending up shoots--I saw those by the front door. These signs of new growth make me itch to get outside--to see the yard come alive again, the white dogwood tree burst into bloom. I have learned I must be attentive to see it--this bursting forth can happen in an instant and then I find myself thinking, "when did all this happen?"

Well, too soon for me to be outside--with heat restored I can return more easily to my work up in the Nook. I can get back to some creative collage, some cards I've wanted to make and yes, to cleaning out the closet and reorganizing. But mostly to some regular moments set aside for creativity. Journals in need of some attention...additions here and there...scraps of paper, my beloved found ephemera and little photos....there is one last week of January to finish creating my 101 Things in 1001 Days list too!

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