Wednesday, January 21, 2009

small spaces

Well, one thing that being without heat for 2 weeks will do for you is give you a fair lesson in what it will be like to downsize. We have an awesome gas fireplace in our family room--which is attached to the obviously this is where we live because the fireplace is our main source of heat. Upstairs in our bedroom we have a very efficient standing heater...this is where Wilbur lives. He and the heater are having the longest standing affair I have seen. (I have lived in the islands with no heat before and the cat in that lifetime loved the standing fireplace...but despite his name, Kitty-Kitty, he was a heartier cat than Wilbur chooses to be at this point in his life, and therefore Kitty-Kitty only warmed up and then would saunter off to other regions of the house or outdoors. Wilbur just inches ever closer to the heater.)

But back to my essentially in these two spaces gives me a good idea what it will be like to downsize to a condo (though I expect we will hold out for a condo with heat.) The difference is on the way back and forth and in carrying on the rest of life--like I still leave to go to work, we do shop for groceries, etc....we pass the rest of the house. I miss our living room morning time--I am used to rocking in the beach rocker and doing my morning reading and prayers there--in that rooms light. As it is now, we have all the shades shut to keep in whatever heat we manage to muster up. Of course, someday when the house goes back on the market, and miraculously someone in this current economy buys the house and we move it will not be a matter of living in a small space in the midst of a larger space. It will be a whole new space smaller than here. Wilbur is likely to not be pleased, less corners and cubby holes to squish into. But he'll like the heat!

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