Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rescueing Candles

A bit of water in the garage led to repacking a box of candles, which in turn led to unpacking a few of said candles. Not that there aren't enough candles in the house but those do decrease daily because let it be said here if nowhere else, I am a fan of candles. I burn them regularly and not because I am feeling particularly romantic--rather candles are a sign of hope for me and these days signs of hope are needed. When someone calls and asks me to pray for them or tells me of a situation that is in need of prayer I offer that and always include that I will light a candle for them.

A candle on top of a TAB can is an unusual sight for some. This was on my desk in my office during a difficult time for a friend that I have know since 5th grade. We went all through high school together--drinking TAB and so it was a very fitting place to put my candle for her. With every flicker of that little candle I held my friend in prayer.

I have loved making candles too. I pour them in all shapes and sizes. It is a great project for rainy winter days...but I'll warn you--once you do it your mind goes wild with possibilities and soon even your most distant aunt will be receiving one for her birthday or Christmas.

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