Thursday, January 29, 2009

Into my New Cubbyhole

Well, at last I have almost accomplished one of my odd ideas. I have always wanted to have (or perhaps it is a returning...) a very small, cubbyhole like space in which to write. To write my way out of eventually.

As I went looking for the Chinese New Year scene I had in my mind from one of Amy Tan's books...I came across this in The Bonesetter's Daughter and smiled:
"Back at the flat, Ruth put the groceries away, set the orchid on the
dining room table, and went into the Cubbyhole. She like to think
that limited space inspired limitless imagination."
If you haven't read the book, I highly recommend it...I plan on rereading it myself here shortly. I won't spoil what/where the Cubbyhole is in this book. My Cubbyhole is in part of the slightly over deep closet in my Nook--the room filled with all my clutter for making things...and the dresser drawers full of ephemera for collage...hence the blog name. Good things come from these old mismatched dresser drawers. Words, letters, photos, scrapbook paper, Scrabble tiles, things long ago made from Fimo....and more.
For now, my back is tired and it is time to head to bed and get lost in my current very long read, A Story of Edgar Sawtelle. Perhaps tomorrow I will have things straightened around enough to take a picture. For now goodnight patient blog, goodnight.


kim said...


I am excitd to see your reading cubbyhole in the nook. I remember the cubbyhole I had in my closet when I was a kid, I miss it.

kj said...

Me too! Do you see my laptop? This is really more of a writing cubbyhole this time. :) Well, and blogging.

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