Monday, November 17, 2008

to be inspired

So, here is a bit off the top of my current soul food reading stack:
  • the new Artful Blogging from Somerset Studio

  • A Mystic Garden by Gunilla Norris (set up by seasons I have reached the Autumn section...I've been savoring it slowly)

  • Riding the Dragon by Robert J. Wicks (I am starting this one all over again)

  • Knitting Heaven and Earth by Susan Gordon Lydon (reading this for the second time around and savoring it slowly and knitting all the while)

  • Collected Poems by Wendell Berry (this is a favorite in our was just time to pick it up and browse again)

  • The Lobster Chronicles by Linda Greenlaw (this is one of those golden moments in a bookstore...found it in the travel writing section and could not resist it...reading a chapter a day in the morning and it is true discipline to put it is so good)

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