Thursday, November 20, 2008


So, I happened to go into the family room yesterday afternoon...and found the cat happily ensconced in the dog's crate....let me rephrase that...the dog's very personal space. He loves his crate...he goes happily into it every night and has not a care in the world once he has retired there. Of course, once I walked away to get my camera the dog follows me back...sticks his head in to greet the cat...then lifts his nose up and does his best, "I didn't see a thing, everything is okay, there is no cat invading my little piece of heaven, everything is okay...." and he leaves the room entirely....undoubtedly looking for a paper bag to breathe into...pour little Corgi.


kim said...

Here's another one for you. I went into the kitchen last night and found Sophie the cat just sitting and looking at the sleeping don in here crate. I wonder what she was thinking. "Poor you lucky me" and off she went:) They are funny these four legged ones. kim

kim said...

That is dog in her crate.

kj said...

Yes! That is the thing--Wilbur used to just huff in scorn when Edward ran so willingly to bed behind bars everynight! Now he is taking the dang thing over. Sheesh.

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