Thursday, November 13, 2008

Okay, so I needed a little comfort today

And I am taking it from the ground up! I finally broke down and got some of these (for my birthday this summer) and appreciate the colder weather if for no other reason than I CAN WEAR THESE ALL THE TIME if I feel like it. Oh joy, oh giddy-my-feet.
I also went seeking comfort in making afternoon bran muffins--mini-muffins....oh yum. And soon some tea, because as always in the later afternoon I suddenly feel colder than is mentally fact, hibernation comes more to mind.
On my way home from office errands and excellent soup prepared by a friend I stopped by Freddie's to get another skein of "ducky" AND THERE WAS NONE. Sales are good--unless everyone decided they want Ducky too. I so wanted to finish the current baby shawl using Ducky and Mellow Stripe. I have a new prayer shawl to try...even as I continue on with the Apple Green.

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sandy said...

I love these shoes! I have to get some for my little cold tootsies. And which new prayer shawl did you find? The cotton one I sent?

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