Monday, November 10, 2008

and where did that week go?

  • I have been trying to knit my way out of several things
  • I have been reading endlessly
  • I have had three migraines
  • November is hard and it is only the 10th
  • In our family we have someone having chemo, another surgery, another an ultrasound all this week....strange
  • I did not appreciate the weather change and the deluge that moved through our area
  • There have been way too many sad things on the news--accidental deaths and such


sandy said...

Big hugs to you and love and prayers to yours who are under medical care.

Knitting your way out of something ~ sounds like a great meditation to me. Working your way through things with a ball of yarn and two wooden sticks. Simplicity at work.

kim said...

OK, I bought some knitting needles at an estate sale this weekend. Now, I have to find the slipper I was knitting 20 years ago on the train from North Dakota. You inspire me in so many ways. Thank you.

kj said...

You two wonder-friends make my day. Thanks for visiting...You both inspire and lift my spirits constantly. Thanks for being here!

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