Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Today missing yesterday?

Does winter always make us miss summer? Or is just after a week of snow followed by rain and blasts of wind that I really miss summer? I thought of this picture today. This was taken in the backyard of our old house--old meaning we actually sold it last July. Lucky, huh? Yes, actually it was--but it will be a long long time before I don't miss my little prayer garden in the backyard. And the birds, the white dogwood tree, the Japanese maples, and much more. I loved spending the mornings in a chair, with a cup of coffee, a book and my journal--all under a small umbrella in the prayer garden. But, luckily I took the time to be there when I was there, and now I have wonderful memories I can call to mind. I can sit there, or wander around the my mind. All this to say that this is why I chose the words: pay attention to the moment for this photo.


sandy said...

Photos are the gift that helps us return to warm summer days, moments with our new babies, moments with OUR babies, cozy winter evenings by the fire, etc. I know how much you miss your garden but I also remember another garden that you loved. You'll always create the 'garden' wherever you end up because you're drawing what you love to you. Enjoy your moments of summer memories. :)

Magic Love Crow said...

Beautiful memories and beautiful photo. You are so right, it is very important to pay attention to every moment, because every moment counts! Have a great day and thanks for coming by my blog ;o)

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