Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dewey who? or how Starbucks helped me get my new Library card

It can seem like you are never really done with all the details--the "to-do's" when you move. At long last we are almost far enough along in the process and the came that it felt strange to live in this new community without visiting the library. I had a hunch, and yes I was right, I needed a new Library card...this is a different Library System. I had to prove who I was. My license has been updated--but I did it online so the picture is the same, but my address is my old one. My checks...same. Hmmm... I am not in the habit of carrying any bills around with me (funny how those get changed right away.) So, what was the on thing I did have that showed my name and new address? A postcard from Starbucks for a free drink! Between my license picture and the postcard--I am a proud new member of the Seattle Library System and my new neighborhood library is a wonderful space, place and very helpful people.

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Leslie said...

Now you're really getting moved in!!

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