Wednesday, December 1, 2010

window cat is perplexed

First came the snow...more than a week of it. Well, actually as far as the cat can tell--the snow came and took the dog away...he is perplexed. Where did Edward go? When the snow finally melted and window cat ventured outside again--he was aghast to find that not only the dog disappeared--but so did the outside water dish and the 'dog'house--both of these things he considered his own.

And now there is packing beginning in several rooms....and people starting to visit the house--people he doesn't recognize. Is there a box for him to pack into? Will one of these strangers try to put him in the car and drive away? Why was there a loud crash in the dining room?

Good night.Time for a bite from the dish and then to trundle upstairs and find a soft spot on the bed.

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Sophia said...

I obviously have so much to catch up on with you. Ugh!! You're moving??? :(

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