Monday, December 27, 2010

New Beginnings

Here is a sneak peek at several spots around our new cozy home--home borrowed from dear friends with hearts larger than we can say.

We are in no means done with moving--in terms of 'dealing' with all that one deals with when dismantling a house and yard you've lived in for 9+ years. But we were settled enough to be here for Christmas and take some time to just be--important in the midst of so many changes, and especially when one of you isn't feeling top drawer.

The cat, Wilbur, had quite the traumatic move but is now quite happily ensconced in his new abode. He loves all the ceiling to floor windows--he can look out anywhere without jumping up on anything. He also enjoys the many chairs to choose from--and of course, the bed--hence the orange blanket on top.

More to do, more to follow.


Sophia said...

Hello!! Thinking of you and wishing you a very, blessed and new year. Hugs!! :)

LizA. said...

You've moved? Where to?

Leslie said...

I'm very fond of this photo montage!

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