Friday, October 9, 2009

Clear cold October

Today was spent in a long list of to-do's...done quietly and slowly.

It was another amazing clear blue October Sky and I teased myself about only walking down around the corner to mail two letters before the postal truck arrived, but I figure we will be out in the cold all tomorrow morning - and early--headed to a home cross country meet for the morning. So I kept my head inside for today.

Also, since tomorrow will be filled with people and so will Sunday, I stayed as quiet as my body would allow. This wasn't too much of a hardship since I crave slowing down right now, putting my body in neutral is not unwelcome. There is much to hold in my spirit, much to sort in my brain. It has been a long week and one that left me feeling uncertain and questioning. My morning of writing and journaling helped but I am not solved--as if one could realistically be so. Solving things doesn't necessarily mean 'answering' or even 'finishing' --so what does it mean?


Sophia said...

..."solving things doesn't necessarily mean answering..." You are so right. As hard as it is to digest that is so true. I think of you often and always wishing you well. ((hugs))

Sophia said...

PS I am having a magical halloween ball this Saturday. I would be honored if you would attend. Please stop by my site to read the formal invitation and sign up via Mr. Linky at the bottom of the post. :)

It's going to be fun!

kj said...

Thanks Sophia, you made my day. I always appreciate you comments and hugs!

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