Saturday, September 5, 2009

strange or tiny garden sights

Well, the top picture is our garden's version of cauliflower--gone ever so slightly amiss in some very alien way. The second picture is a beautiful, if still unripe, green pepper that a baby snail was unable to pass up. You can see Tiny Snail, as I called him, hunkered down in the fold of the pepper just as happy as can be--if snails are happy. There is something in the swirly shape of the snail shell that has always suggested happiness to me, or if not that, then contentedness at least. I spoke only briefly with the little guy before removing him and sending him 'elsewhere.'
The garden has been slumping down on itself over the last half of the summer. We've had such an unreal heat most of the summer that it kept me from spending much time out there--even less working out in the garden. I did water off and on--a task shared with my sweet baboo--though he focused on the edible plants and I tried to catch the whole back yard. Though I do admit to having sat in the prayer garden a few mornings and enjoyed the quiet, the sun and my cup of coffee and a book... and while I looked at every each of the prayer garden and noted where it needed attention and water...I didn't do it that day. Procrastination.
Last night we started getting some rain, not just drizzle, but some rain. Starting in the evening, through the night and all morning. It has taken until after 2:30 before the sun came out. But it feels like September. Today it does. Who knows about tomorrow. It has the feel of the change of the season.


Sophia said...

I love your pictures. Especially that second one! Cute snail! Not much rain here. But it sure feels like autumn is just around the corner!

kj said...

Thanks Sophia!

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