Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ever Feel Like This?

My son took this picture recently--I am guessing in Boston, since that is where he is--today. I don't know who the dog is, but I am guessing he was getting a good belly rub when the picture was taken and that seems like a good trade for a portrait, right?

I had a birthday recently--you know, one of those 'significant' birthdays before a significant birthday. On that day:
  • I saw the sweetest baby calf sleeping in the dirt next to its momma
  • I bought a broken fan (and returned it)
  • I listened to someone with a heavy heart and a lot of hurt
  • I had dinner with some good friends and a few great family peeps too
  • I had the-most-delicious cedar planked salmon and roasted veggies
  • I shared dessert with my sweet baboo
  • my car window was not shattered in pieces on the ground (it was the car next to ours--which was also missing...hmmm)
  • I got to drive someone home and have a great conversation
  • I drove home the back way without tons of traffic and listened to nothing but the sound of my life


Amelia said...

I SO loved this post. You made me smile. And yes, I do feel like that doggy sometimes! hahahaha :) Hope you had a good birthday!

sandy said...

"...and listened to nothing but the sound of my life..."

Not sure why, but this tugged at me and made tears come to my eyes. This is a great post ~ I'm so happy you had a great birthday, the significant before THE significant (which, as it turns out, is pretty wonderful), and that you're my friend.

sandy said...

I also find it pretty humorous that this golden retriever has crooked little teeth like my Ellie had. :)

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