Wednesday, August 12, 2009

at the Saturday Market

Meet Daisy-the cute-puppy. Below her is the bee hive in action. The zen sand was right by where we parked and has nothing to do with the Saturday Market, but it was such a calm sight.....oh, and the flowers I made me think of Sarah in Virginia...

These were just some of the sights....I also smelled some de-lic----eooooouss soy candles. Yes, I stopped and held the Creme Brulee one to my nose and declared that this candle could make me make things in my kitchen that I did not need to eat....I talked with wondrous women who were preparing to walk the 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk, and a very talented stay-at-home mother/potter who tempted me dearly with her ceramic blue fountain made using shell formations--I love the beach, and shells, the sea, the tide, sand, rocks, and did I mention shells?

Before leaving the market I also found a pink hand painted sign that said "Princess" and was perfect for the 'Princess Birthday' party we were going to the next day....fancy that.

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kim said...

It'a almost like bing there. What a great day. K

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