Thursday, April 16, 2009

Returning to life

Ahhh...I can breath again, mostly....I am an actual up and running human once again. Chest crud-bronchitis-sinus-yuckies be gone with you! And while I was flat out on the couch (so to speak, because we actually have a couch to short for that position unless you are a Corgi or a Wilbur-cat) Spring has actually started to spring!

I have pictures of blooming Bleeding Hearts and little purply-blue things I never remember the name of but they live right under our lilac tree and I always miss them because I am looking up to see how the buds are doing on the tree.

The pictures will have to wait a bit because I have not yet downloaded them. Right in the middle of being to sick-to-live, my new little Dell Inspiron Mini came in the post! My sweet baboo set it all up and moved my programs and files (and boy oh boy Save Settings means nothing in this world--what a pain.) So I am in the process of working out all the typical and one unusual bug to be "back-to-normal" in the realm of computers. But I will tell you one thing: I Love My MINI. It is so small and itty-bitty I really can take it anywhere--and now that I am alive again, I will be going places again.

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