Friday, April 24, 2009

it is dark lavendar and yummy

I finished my second crocheted hat tonight--and I love it...I expanded the expansion part of the pattern so it actually fits my head. When get a picture I'll post it and you will all go, "Wow--I want one too!" I am ready to start is calming to work on. Now, mind you I really only know one stitch and will someday have to learn more. Maybe a scarf is in my near future.

It was a beautiful day--most of which I missed...I saw some of it out the window and could see that the lilac tree is just bursting to bloom its branches off.

Time for bed and to finish my first Miss Silver book. I know this is fiction--but my word that woman knits fast!

Have I mentioned that my MINI had to go back to the "workshop?" I hope it comes home to me soon - all intact and ready to compute. I miss its sweet smallness.

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sandy said...

I don't even have to see it - I know I want one! ;)

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