Friday, March 13, 2009

today was Sabino Canyon day

Today the guys went to a spring training game--Go Mariners! (they didn't) and my friend and I went off to Sabino Canyon. We rode a open shuttle (complete with narration of the canyon and it's history) on the way up and walked back down--- 3.7 miles. It was wonderful. Bridges, little sandy beaches amid huge rocks with water flowing over and making pools in lots of places...trees, cacti, sheer cliffs and rock faces...but not much shade. We drank water all the way down and sat it eat some trail mix on a gigantic round rock above a pool of running in from one side and out down and away on the other side. Beautiful sky, white clouds came and went. All the while we had a nice breeze to keep us mostly cooled off. More giving thanks! More spectacular views and feeling very tiny in nature. Many pictures for memories.

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sandy said...

Your trip sounds wonderful and very peaceful! I can't wait to see photos! Also, I may have news of a new home by the time you get back.

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