Friday, January 9, 2009

Journals for the Writing Heart

Simply've heard the adage, "We read to know we are not alone." Well, I journal to know I am not insane. The hitch is I get into these chunks of time where I write in my head, but not in my journal. Oh, I carry it everywhere...and yet? It is that tender thing called discipline...dubiously attached to my being at certain junctures.

Well, here is the rub. When the world is dumping too much hooey on you, you have to write it down and tear it up or make origami kittens with it - or something creative. It needs to come out so it does not ride the rock and roll machine around and around in the brain --that just drags you down more. Write it down and say, "Huh, yes...that really does suck." This is my advice to myself.

I've been carrying around two smaller disappointments since the beginning of the year--well, one small, one a little larger...and didn't get a chance to write about them and express that disappointment. And now? Well, now there are much larger loads of, "*$^&@##!!*&" are sitting heavily on top...

Oh well, time for dinner dear blog. Thanks for being my listening ear so at least my typing fingers could pound out a bit of the emotional blah's.

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kim said...

Journaling. I think I am a seasonal journaler. I only journal out of my head at different seasons in my life. I have entered a new season in my life. I now carry a small (so I actually use it) journal bought on New Years Eve. The cover looks like a tiled wall from India. It spoke to me.


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