Thursday, January 8, 2009

Amy Tan and New Year's

I was reading through one of my books on Chinese Art the other morning and came across a picture of exactly this type of ceramic jar. It said it was a traditional gift on New Year's and it was filled with tea.

All this made me think of one of my favorite scenes in an Amy Tan book...I know, more than one of her books has a scene with people celebrating Chinese New Year with traditional foods and festivities. I will enjoy sitting down to go through a few of them to find the one I am trying to remember. That is the great thing about books. The are comfortable friends you can sit down with and get to know again any time. More on this later.

Sadly today I had to say good-bye to some of my favorite books. Can you say way too much rain and books getting wet--other things too, but books! Now, mind you, what we are dealing with is nothing in comparison to much of Washington--and the rest of the U.S. but we didn't need one more thing right now--that is an understatement.

Anyway, what a great gift--a jar filled with tea. Just thinking. Read a little more about Chinese New Year here. It is not appealing to read that is coming year is an obstinate year. Year of the Ox, well what do you expect?


sandy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of not 'just books', but the dear friends they become to us.

It's time for blue skies and spirits light as a balloon...prayers and well wishes have been sent by express angel delivery ~ I hope you feel their arrival soon!

kj said...

Thanks, every one of them is a help and a hope. We needs some blue sky around here for a few days in a row.

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