Friday, December 26, 2008

Enter the Rooster Gate if you dare...

Dare or not I do not think the gate will open at this point due to the snow...this really must come to an end at some point, this is Washington afterall.
I continue knitting on my now 80% finished shawl. It is so long now, and so warm, it is feeling more like a blanket. I will miss this piece of knitting when it is finished. It has been a comfort during some uncomfortable times. Too many friends and family are awaiting test results while the rest of life sails by--or storms by. Knitting is a way of waiting with purpose. And if I can't be out digging in the dirt planting new life here and there... I can at least knit something useful. That and feed the birds. I expect tomorrow morning I will find the feeder empty once again. At least now, I can get to the store and get some hearty bird seed.
I finished "A Year by the Sea" and came away wanting more and thinking over several quotes. I especially liked this one by Anonymous:
"If you can risk getting lost somewhere along the day
you might stumble upon openings
that link you to your depths."

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