Saturday, December 6, 2008

creative outlets

I spent much of today doing "have-tos" rather than the favored Saturday, "get-tos." But, I did lots of them in my p.j.'s so that was compromise.
My favorite creative outlet had nothing to to with rubber stamps, making cards or journaling even. It was instead--making a crock pot turkey soup...very good for those in this house ailing from that awful unwelcome house guest: the winter cold.
My favorite Paul had brined and roasted a turkey a few nights ago...and hence the leftovers.

My soup included:
turkey bits, chunks and a wing
organic chicken stock with a chicken bouillon cube dissolved in 1/4 hot water
chopped onion, celery, baby carrots
one can of corn w/some of its juice
one small can of kidney beans w/some of its juice
3-4 shakes of Fine Herbs
This all did its thing in the pot on low all day....I baked some cheese herb biscuits from the freezer. Just before serving the soup I reheated two large scoops of brown rice (from last night) in each bowl in the microwave and then scooped and ladled the soup over the rice. It was very good and we have just enough to serve with pasta tomorrow or rice, or decide to freeze.
Well, time to take my little self off to read in bed with Christmas music in the background. Long day coming tomorrow and little energy likely to carry me I will go soak up as much as possible in the form of rest.

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sandy said...

Your soup sounds delightful ~ we are cooking our turkey today. I always do that with soup in mind. Bed, book and Christmas music sounds very warm and cozy ~ I hope you got the rest you needed! Healing light sent your way...

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