Friday, December 5, 2008

Appreciate Neighbors

Every afternoon--which looks like midnight now...I pull into our driveway and more and more I appreciate my neighbors hard work of stringing white lights to dazzle the darkness. And as I sit at my computer now--and later when I hike to the top of the stairs I appreciate our neighbors over the back fence who strung lights across their roof ridge....that greet me every night with a glow and twinkle....especially in the drizzle rain from which we had a slight reprieve, but I have heard is due back tomorrow! Thank you one and all who light our way through darkening days and eves. As many houses sit on the market with now where to go, as joblessness grows, as uncertainty is pedaled like so much Christmas candy until we all have sick stomach aches and want to hide in bed until it all goes away...and so on. Together we stand and light little patches of the night to say dark and dismal never wins and the tide will turn. Choose gratitude over gloom, pass it on.

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sandy said...

Great thoughts! Consider it passed...

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