Saturday, October 18, 2008

Two Fav Places

I visited two of my favorite places the other day. First I went to Fusion Beads and picked out some needed charms for a scarf I've been working on for my niece. Of course, once I found the charms I wandered all over the store--lost in the rainbow of beads, good music and fun store people. As usual I found a bit more than I intended, but I reminded myself that we no longer have a bead store in Kent and gas being what it is...better to make one trip.

From Fusion Beads I drove around the block and parked directly across the street at The Episcopal Bookstore. This is a wonderful place for books and art for the soul. Here, again I was cradled in good music, delights for the eyes, heart and mind, and a needed moment to touch base with two wonderful people--John & Nancy, friends of the heart and journey.


sandy said...

Yes, gas being what it is....I like that reasoning and will use it for a trip to the yarn store soon! Your comforting store visits sound so great - I wish I was there with you!

Dave Robertson said...

:) So, if you show up at our big bead showroom in Spokane some day, we'll know to reserve a space in the parking lot & make some extra coffee... Bead shopping is always fun!

at Rings & Things

kj said...

New awesome bead place in Spokane for me to check out?? ROAD TRIP! Thanks for visiting The Dresser Drawer.

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