Tuesday, October 21, 2008

a small dresser drawer and then some

I admit it. I am a collector of a variety of things. postcards among them. Now mind you, I send them to people regularly--"postis" (pronounced post--ees)as they are referred to in this house. It is just that my collecting of them over the years out paced the actual mailing of them at enough different times that I find I have a substantial collection of them now. The are both visual and soul-food inspiration to sit and look through... be they black and white, muted color, humorous, sacred, endearing, travel, art history, or one of many more categories. I admit to having a small dresser drawer filled with them and a few small gift bags besides, and then some. There are times when they are used as decoration--no it is more than mere decoration, but what? Adornment? A heart rendering?
The right posti at the right time can be my muse, my unspoken prayer. And they are ever so much better than receiving a bill in the mail...who knows I may be sending you one soon.

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sandy said...

I love the postis. I have a stack of my own that I go through occasionally. Instead of a stack they should be adorning some piece of journal or artwork - thank you for reminding me! Love from a posti recipient.

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