Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mom, I know you're laughing now

Okay it has been close to 40 years since my mom taught me to knit using her tried and true dishcloth pattern.... I mostly dropped stiches because, as I remember it, I was too busy watching these big long 'sticks' go up and down by my elbows...if she had only used circluar needles she may have had me hooked then and there. As it was I never did complete a single dishcloth--until now! I was reading the Tips/Ideas/Patterns section on Prayer Shawl Ministry Home Page the other night and found a pattern for a Payer Dish Cloth (thank you Julie Hopp, Peru, NE) and just had to try it in memory of my mother. Of course, I made mine not quite square because that is how I like them. I plan to do a few mini cloths also because sometimes those come in handy for counters.

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sandy said...

I love the knitty dishcloths. I have ones that are kind of holey and need to go away, but I love them. I've never knitted any - time to try, maybe! Your mom is thrilled with all of your knitting projects, I'm sure - laughing, maybe... :)

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